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4 out of 99: music calendars and more music calendars. 99 calendars: from traditional to mega-cool.


Calendars, calendars, calendars. Do you have a little time? Plus are you interested in this calendar theme? Than you are right here. Because already so, you will find more different calendars related to the theme of "music", "Bach" and "classical composers" or great composers" nowhere, but here, on one of the websites of the Renate Bach Publishing House "Bach 4 You". This page of this website is produced to pause. To read. To relish. It's just such a page, where you stick to once in a while, because there is no so such page on the internet a second time. Here I have collected all and summarized everything, what you might possibly want to know about the theme of calendar. You will be presented many monthly pages of the different calendars of the Publishing House "Bach 4 You". Plus some more exciting pics about the theme of calendars. However, ... if you are in a hurry, here already you can take a shortcut to the shop. Via this link.


Without much comment here you will find an overview of all 99 music calendars. There you don't have to read much, but exploring many calendars.

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If it's now February, March, April or May ... have you ever heard of a Valentine's Day calendar or a Mother's Day calendar? You will find it at "Bach 4 You".

Where Else on this Planet Would You Find that Number of Calendars Related to the Subjects of Bach, Composers and Music?


If you are looking for a calendar - and only for a calendar - than please decide here: To a summary about all 99 music calendars is where you get with a click here. Alternatively you get to the  sub sections Bach, composers, music and music for children, please click on the button below. The value priced calendars in all 4 categories is what you find with a click here. Of course, you get to the shop with that click. 


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Our whole pride and the first calendar of all in the Renate Bach Publishing House regarding Bach monuments. Accomplished in 2015, shortly after the season which would have been perfect for calendars. The whole Bach mission however is so huge that this calendar - the Bach Monument Calendar - will be available long before the next season, even earlier than many more calendar publishing houses offer their calendars.


You will be able to purchase this calendar - like all calendars of the publishing house "Bach 4 You" - every year again and again. There are more and more Bach fans on the planet and it would be a pity, if we only publish the beauty one or two years. Plus you have the option to buy it 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches, 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches and finally 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches. Plus it all starts at € 18,90 plus shipping and handling for the smallest one of the trio. If you like, discover all missing monthly pages right here.


Just a short time, after the publishing house "Bach 4 You" released the first Bach calendar, the first composer calendar was ready to be published. It goes without saying it is in 3 sites , too. It's a total of 12 historic front pages of different age old weekly newspapers. A feast for the eyes in every office, in every waiting area and of course in your home. There are 9 value priced calendars and there are 90 hot off the press calendars.


One of the composers calendars: Already in size 8.3 inches by 11.7 inches the displayed age old newspaper is clearly readable. That is because the originals are so high quality, that is to say high resolution scanned. However, in size 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches it's an eye catching decorative wall decoration. In size 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches it something special, too.


No, we are not kidding, it's no flimflam. Please don't feel fooled: Actually it's true, you can order this calendar in far beyond 1.25 billion options. In this very style. You have the choice between 36 experts of composition. From Bach to Beethoven, from Tschaikowsky until the American composer Sousa. However, we can not offer you on which month which composer will be placed by us. Sorry about that. 


By the way, if you are the first, who proofs - however a professional must check on it and confirm your math - that there are considerably less options than the mentioned number, you get a  11.7 inches by 16.5 inches calendar of that style for free. The legal process however is no option. Here you discover all of the monthly calendar if we chose the masters. Than it#s a hot off the press calendar. Plus here you can discover all 36 composers, means all the 36 options you have. If you like this one just add a flat fee of € 10. Your fastest way to the shop: click here. 

You don't have to display classical composers always with the "dust of the last centuries". Sorry, we ment "historic, just to be correct. Alternatively it's possible to paint them cool, too. Stylish and cool. That is particularly true for this calendar, which you can combine for your home. Or for your grandfather, your aunt or your favorite music teacher. However, maybe you find the suggestion and the decision of the publishing house that exciting, and you save this agony of choice plus a few Euros. Here you get to the selection, here are 36 experts in the musicians league.


There is only one Bach! However, there are many, many artists, who painted a portrait of Bach. The most famous, no doubt, is Haussmann, who actually lived in Leipzig, when Bach was still living and working in Leipzig. In black and white this calendar is a noble Bach calendar and matches in many a room, in which different calendars might not fit at all. Check on all 12 monthly pages with a click here.


The next calendar, absolutely without any color paint: This design is a landscape design and is a blessing for the eyes in each living area. all 12 monthly pages is what you can find in the composers calendars section. 


Yes, sort of like this is how you know Mr. Mozart. Plus you know the most famous pictures of more famous composers. However, if you find them here and there on the internet, you make no calendars our of your finds. There is no copyright problem, as these pictures are all old enough. However: The resolution is not just poor, it's way to poor. So a young painter has re painted these beauties for our mission. Close to the original, with a little different background and all of them are lay outed into 12 cool monthly pages. This calendar on your wall, a piano in front of it and somebody who is playing this piano. Isn't that an imagination of a "musical general concept"!? 


They are 12 exceptions composers, which we have chosen for you. So we hope very much, that your favorites are among them. Next step was to decide for well known classical portraits of exactly those composers. We let young painters all over the world paint them again, so all the portraits are high resolution without any compromise, even printed in a size of 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches. All that resulted in the left calendar above. One more artist created a little more of a compromise and did it "a little more blue". So now 12 Tone poets from classical pictures, but in a modern interpretation decorate one calendar one full year long. So to speak, the dust of the last centuries fell of the portraits and the spirit of the 21st century is added. What a composition. Are you excited, how all the 12 monthly pages look like? That is what you find out easily with a click here.


There a re so many dreamlike postage stamps related to the subject of Bach and to the subject of composers. "Bach 4 You", the Renate Bach Publishing House, offers three calendars "Musicians on Stamps": That is firstly Johann Sebastian Bach on 12 different postage stamps. Next is 12 single postage stamps, that show one composer on one postage stamp and finally there is the crowning finish a calendar, where per monthly page several composers are displayed. To the shop?


There are many portraits around of Bach. Some of them are world famous, others are at least from considerable artists and there are uncountable ones from these artists, of never ever a human has heard. It's a pity Vivian is one of those artists of the last category and for our Bach mission she painted the most known portraits of Haussmann, Ihle and Rentsch and many more in her own personal style. And meanwhile we combined 12 of them to an exciting calendar, a Bach calendar.


In many years you meet many young artists, who all have their own personal style with painting. We let all paint in their "absolutely personal style", when it came to interpret Bach, or better, the Haussmann portrait of Johann sebastian Bach. 12 styles of really different artists is what we combined after that to a cool, modern calendar about Johann Sebastian Bach. 


What a specialty: It is a combination from exciting historic portraits plus cool and stylish modern paintings. A calendar which is perfect in a real big size, such as 16.5 inches by 23.4 inches. You actually hunt for a long time to get hand on such jewels - historic ones and modern ones - so you finally have 12 of both style for a calendar. However, we accomplished it: Why don't you explore all the 12 monthly pages? With a click here.


What a cool wall decoration, what a great idea. A calendar for kids, to hang it in their bedroom or to give it as a gifts to grandpa and grandma. It is a Bach calendar to color. 12 stops, which were of importance in Bach's life. 


"Music calendars, music calendars". On a website with this motto and with an offer of 99 music calendars of y tiny publishing house, a final but one motif on the title page can't just be a different, but again one cooler music calendar, more precisely in this case, a stylish composers calendar.


Okay ... two more music calendars. On the left side it's a 2020 music calendar, on the right side it's one more composers calendar (... a music calendar at the same time).


"Bach 4 You" ... that is More than Pipe Organ Calendars, Composers Calendars, Bach Calendars and Music Calendars


On the left it is a Bach calendar with really special Bach treasures. On the right it is the Bach statue or, alternatively the Bach monument. In the shop you get this works in 2 sizes.


On the left a Bach calendar, on the right a Bach T-shirt.





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